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LastName FirstName
Software web developer
Home Phone
Mobil Phone +374 (94) 00-00-00
Location Armenia, Yerevan
Date of birth 01/15/1975
Last changes time of resume 25.11.2007
Desired monthly compensation 4000 USD



1996-2001-Higher education, Moscow State University, Faculty of Philosophy,

Ph. D (2003).

1991-2001-School #1,Yerevan, RA Physics and Mathematics Secondary school

Work experience

British Petroleum


Time: March 2005

Job title: Software Architect



Work on projects for British Petroleum Exploration Alaska and global British Petroleum in a contracting company as a system architect.




1. BP Exploration Alaska Intranet Content Management System (BPXA project)

Description: The purpose of the project was to build a .NET-based intranet portal that can serve as platform for business applications and as a unified platform for the BP Alaska intranet. BPXA Intranet Portal includes fully-featured content management system, administration system, and document management system with basic functionality, and also supports integration with classical ASP.NET 1.1 and ASP.NET 2.0 applications. At the current moment the portal has three installations in BPXA; there are plans to integrate this portal in the BP offices in other countries.

The second stage of the project included development of the following web component for the portals (web parts):

1. Production Numbers; responsible for gathering statistics in oil production for the whole Alaska and for the individual regions; statistical data were stored in BPXA Portal database and were regularly synchronized with the external system/data sources (built on Oracle and Sybase).

2. Documentum Search Component; responsible for the search in the Documentum document management system databases including basic (quick) search and extended search with the abilities of full-text search, usage of special query language, etc.

Languages/technologies: C#, ASP.NET, Oracle, XML/XSL, DHTML.

Role: Technical feasibility of the project, estimation, application design (whole system concept, technical feasibility and technical design, class diagrams), database design; coordination of the development team; personally developed core system modules in C# language.

Additional information: A project gained an award for the high quality and customer satisfaction result.


3. Digital Well Files (BPXA project)

Description: The purpose of the project was to develop an application responsible for gathering and storing drilling statistics. The system includes a client-size (implemented in .NET Windows Forms) and a server-side (Web Services, Oracle). Collection of statistical data was performed either through web service (the Windows Forms application was working as a web service client in this case) or either through the internal application cache (implemented using Microsoft Access), which was synchronized in the latter with the main application data repository built on Oracle. Gathered data was submitted through the web services to the SharePoint library.

Languages/technologies: C#, Windows Forms, MS Access, MS SharePoint Portal, Oracle, Web Services, DHTML.
Role: Technical design of the application and Access database; technical coordination of the development team; implementation of SharePoint intercommunication layer.


Dell Computers


Time: June 2004 – March 2005

Job title: Development Lead



Work as a development lead and technical architect on internet, intranet and Windows business projects for DELL EMEA.




1. Call Avoidance

Description: The purpose of the project was to develop several systems that could increase the efficiency of the online e-support support of European sub-division of DELL Computers. The third phase of the project included development of the online system that could help an end-client to query a status of the online order of DELL equipment. This phase of the project assumed collection of order status related data from the Data Warehouse database (Oracle 10i) through IBM MQ Series, which was cached in the OLAP database of the Call Avoidance system.

Languages/technologies: C#, ASP.NET, Web Services, ASP, Visual Basic 6, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PL/SQL, XML/XSL, DHTML

Role: Technical design (Visual UML, ErWin), stored procedures (PL/SQL), Web Services, Windows Services (.NET, C#).


2. Service Parts Master Database (Search System)

Description: The purpose of the project was to develop a search engine (including specially designed search query language) for the service parts and DELL equipment database (Oracle 9i).

Languages/technologies:  С#, ASP.NET, Web Services.

Role: Technical design (MS Visio 2003), data access layer development, Web Services.


Moscow higher school of business


Time: June 2001 – September 2002

Job title: full-time contractor




1. Salary calculation system

Description: The purpose of the project was to develop a set of Microsoft Excel macros to simplify salary calculations.

Languages/technologies: MS Excel, VBA

Role: independently finished the project.


2. Student registration system

Description: The purpose of the project was to develop a unified storage of information about student with a client written on MFC for Windows 9x/NT.

Languages/technologies: C++, MFC, VB6, MS Access

Role: independently finished the project (revision of the project).


3. System for gathering and managing information

Languages/technologies: C++, MFC

Role: implementation of data access layer.



Chief of Normal Physiology department, Moscow State University

Contact Number: /7-495/ 111-111


Other information


Armenian (Native)
Russian  (fluent)
English  (fluent)
German (enough for interview)


Programming languages: С#, VB.NET, MC++, C++/CLI, C++, Java, VB6.

Technologies/platforms: .NET (ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Windows Forms, Web Services, .NET Remoting), Java (J2EE, JMS), Win32 (COM, DCOM, Win32 API), Portals (Microsoft SharePoint Services/Portal), Messaging (IBM MQ Series, Microsoft MQ, JMS), XML (XML/XSL-T/XSD/X-PATH), Web technologies (DHTML, JavaScript).

DBMS: MS SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005 (T-SQL, Extended SP, DTS, Reporting Services), Oracle 8i/9i/10i (PL/SQL), DB2.

Methodologies/concepts: OOP, AOP, SOA, EAI/EII, ESB, Messaging, UML.

Development methodologies: MSF/Agile MSF, RUP.

Source control systems: VSS, SourceOffSite, Resume/CVS (WinCVS, TortoiseCVS), SVN (RapidSVN).

Development environments: MS Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003/2005, Borland C# Builder, ASP.NET WebMatrix, Eclipse, SQL Server Management Studio, Enterprise Manager/Query Analyzer, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD.

Installers: Install Shield, Ghost Installer, Windows Installer.

CASE Tools: Microsoft Visio, Visual UML, ErWin

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